by – Sis. Kat Cordano

Psalm 73:26 my flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.


Gadgets like iPhone, iPods, and Mac computers are the latest trend of this generation. There is only one thing that keeps these things functioning, and that is their charger/electricity. All of us are just like our gadgets, after you charge and used it the whole day, the battery eventually gets drained. You need to recharge it in order for you to enjoy using it again.

Our body easily get weary and most of the time it requires us to rest. We want to do a lot of things and activities but it seems that our body prevents us from doing so. Especially when we are tired, everything turns out to become tedious. Time will pass and we can’t stop our body from aging, develop some wrinkles and even get weak.

Indeed, God is the charger, without him in our life we are like drained batteries that cannot function well. Through HIS grace we are sustained every day. We enjoy the activities that we have, we give what pleasures our body desires and we follow what our heart says.

But, what does this verse tells us?

The psalmist here teaches us to deny ourselves, to have God our whole sufficiency and only contentment. On the other hand, let us fully trust the Lord, despite what is happening around us. Let’s find our strength and provision from the Lord, and the hope of everlasting life, holding true to Jesus and not letting our faith waiver. This body that we have will get old, this heart that we have will deceive us, but if God is the center of everything in our lives, we will be kept forever. It says here that if we only rely on our strength and ourselves we will always get disappointed. But if we trust God and live the life that Jesus taught us, we will have the promised of living an eternal life with our Savior. If we allow God to manifest in our lives, he will sustain us through and will never fail us. He is our immovable foundation that whatever storm may come in our lives, we have this assurance that we have our protector and mighty God to lean on.


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