Why Worry?

by Bro. Coco Labrador


Psalm 23:1 – The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

I still remember when I was young, during my elementary days we had this sort of year-end field trip with my classmates. The teacher handed me a consent form to be signed by my parents. I was so excited and I rushed home to ask permission. But my father was hesitant in signing the consent form and told me “Give me 10 good reasons why will I allow you to go?” Even though I gave 10 good reasons, it was not enough to convince him. And every year thereafter this was the same scenario. I’ve been asking myself why my father doesn’t want me or even my siblings to go in such a trip. Then I just realized that he was thinking for our own good. He is worried that something bad might happen to us.

Human as we are, we tend to worry about anything and everything. What to eat and drink, what clothes to wear, where to go this long vacation, what will happen to your unstable company, why they cut your salary, how to raise your child, which decision you will take, and so many other more concerns. Even us Christians, we worry a lot just like the unbelievers worry about the common things of life.

That is why David is reminding us that the Lord is my shepherd. When we see David’s life, he was the king who lived prosperously, peacefully, and enjoyed all the things he desires. Yet, he considers himself as a weak and defenseless creature. He takes God to be his Guide, Provider, and everything. He did not forget about God and acknowledge that he will be like a lost sheep without a shepherd. He delights himself to God, who is the author of all the blessings he enjoyed.

We can say that this looks easy for David because he has everything, we can think why will he worry about anything else? The truth is, it is even more difficult if we were in David’s situation. The time when we are experiencing little prosperity or let us say our lives are sailing smoothly or without any problems, we tend to forget God and we start to worry about everything. David did not worry. He humbled himself in need of the Lord as his guide, protector, and as His shepherd. David continued saying in that same verse “I shall not want”. According to John Piper, “He said this not because he has everything in this world but because (he never lacks anything that the shepherd thinks is good for him)”.

So whatever our situations maybe right now, whether we have a valley of problems or experiencing abundance of life, we should and must trust our lives to the one who holds the universe in His hands, the true Shepherd our Lord Jesus Christ.

So why worry?


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