Work Heartily For God’s Glory

by Sis. Yvonne Adraque


How are we when it comes to our jobs? Are we doing it well for God’s glory?

I remember before when I was working in Tomato boutique in the Philippines, I always wanted to be the best. In terms of doing my weekly reports to be submitted on time, receiving good feedbacks from our competitors, no absences and no late. I’m doing this all just to make my operations manager and the managing director  be proud of me. I’d work so hard for this because I want to be praise.

But as time goes by I felt so exhausted doing it again and again. Then suddenly I realized everything that I’d work for was useless! Because I just did it only for my own sake. I just did it just to make those people proud! I didn’t even think about God and ask for His wisdom during those moments because I’m just relying only on my own.

Usually, it is our tendency as humans that we tend to do things that make others  proud of us. Sadly, God is just secondary. That’s why Apostle Paul is encouraging us that we should always focus on heavenly things rather than earthly things. This is a reminder for us that we should work heartily in everything that we are doing, by reflecting God’s goodness in our lives, God deserved to be pleased in all things, it should be him only.



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